Moments: Meditations from My Heart is an intimate, graceful look into the sources of inspiration of Gary Conrad, one of America’s most original authors. Make his Moments part of your moments, and you’ll be richly rewarded.”

Larry Dossey, M.D.
Author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters.

“Gary Conrad explores deeply felt emotions in this fine collection of short stories and poetry.”

Carolyn Hart
Author of the Bailey Ruth series

Moments: Meditations from My Heart is filled with heartwarming nuggets of life. There are so many memories, some full of sorrow, others of delight, all thoughtful, created in such diverse locales as Tibet, Oklahoma, Paris, London . . . Some bring tears, others a smile or an out-loud laugh. Moments is a book to savor.”

Joan Korenblit
Respect Diversity Foundation

“Hold on tight and brace yourself as author Gary Conrad transports you into his sometimes hair-raising and electrifying world. I held my breath with him when he was caught in a whirlpool that dragged him to the bottom of a turbulent river, I tightly gripped the book for balance as he shakily trekked near the edge of a precipitous cliff, I cried as he told a devastated family about the death of a loved one, and yet he also shared the pleasure of quiet, serendipitous moments. His honesty, transparency, vulnerability, and optimism are captivating and refreshing. Each short journey into Gary’s adventures is like taking a world tour from an easy chair.”

Sue Tarr
Author, educator, and passionate organic farmer

“Gary Conrad’s newest book made me laugh, smile, cry, think, and ponder. Moments is a book to savor. Conrad obviously knows and cares about what is truly important. He seeks to live his life mindful of the power of kindness, the holiness of relationship, the joy of serving, the grace of forgiveness. This book is a keeper–one to which I shall return often for inspiration.”

Dr. Roberta Damon
Author of A Voice Beyond Weeping