Moments: Meditations from My Heart is an eclectic, philosophical collection of short stories and poetry dedicated to the Zen Buddhist Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. Gary shares some of the most intense times from his work as a physician in the emergency department during the coronavirus pandemic, combined with quiet, soft, introspective moments.


What is life but moments?
Fleeting seconds that come and go
Never to be seen again.
Moments become minutes,
Minutes – hours,
Hours – days,
Days – years,
Years – a lifetime.
Hold them as we may,
We cannot.
Moments pass before us
Like sand in an hourglass,
Yet, if we hold each as sacred,
We can savor each and every one
Fully aware,
Fully conscious,
Knowing them for what they truly are,
The sum of our lives.

– Gary D. Conrad


*Excerpt, MOMENTS: Meditations from My Heart